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JG East Orange

Roles: Lawyer
Activities: Accept cases for representation
Area of Law: Prisoner Issues and Reentry
Participating Organization: Legal Services of New Jersey
Summary: Client wants to expunge his record in order to improve his employment opportunities. This will enable him to supplement his modest Social Security income benefits. Client is interested in obtaining a SORA license to be a private security officer. He had applied for a position as a security officer but was denied a SORA license because of a disorderly persons conviction. Client was arrested in January 2014 for failing to give CDS to the police. He pled guilty in the Newark Municipal Court on July 24, 2014 and was ordered to pay a fine which he did. Subsequently, Client suffered a stroke and has some memory problems. When he filed for the security officer’s position he did not remember the incident nor that he had paid the fine. He learned of this from the NJ State Police after he contacted them to ask why he had been denied the license. His conviction for this offense was the basis of the denial. Client had two other arrests both of which were dismissed by the respective municipal courts. In 2001, Client was arrested and charged with simple assault (2C:12-1A) and harassment (2C:33-4B). These matters were dismissed by the Newark Municipal Court on January 17, 2003. On December 30, 2018, Client was arrested for simple assault in East Orange. That matter was dismissed by the East Orange Municipal Court on April 3, 2019. Client is eligible to expunge his record. He needs assistance to do so

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