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Benefits of Enrolling with a Participating Organization

Registering on PROBONONJ will provide you with access to important features of this website, described at Why Pro Bono. During the registration process, and at anytime thereafter, you will be able to enroll with one or more participating organizations. Enrollment with a participating organization can offer you a connection with, and particular benefits from, that organization not otherwise available to those not similarly enrolled. These might include training in substantive legal areas, often with CLE credit; practice tips and guidance; malpractice insurance coverage; networking opportunities; recognition and awards for pro bono service; and exemption from mandatory pro bono Madden assignments, among others.

Because the specific benefits of enrollment vary by organization, you should review the FAQs on this website for the general range of benefits that a participating organization might offer, and then click on the link to any of the participating organizations to see the benefits offered to those who enroll.

CLICK HERE for more information about our participating organizations


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