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Recognizing Pro Bono Volunteer Contributions

PROBONONJ appreciates and values the thousands of volunteers who spend vast amounts of hours each year assisting low-income New Jerseyans. Each participating organization has its own unique way of recognizing and acknowledging their volunteers. Here are some of the  recognitions given from the participant organizations.

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Lee M. Perlman (). Lee M. Perlman

From his Cherry Hill law office, Perlman and his team help consumers and businesses with bankruptcies, and financial and debt restructurings. Perlman has been accepting referrals from LSNJ since 2015 and has assisted dozens of clients, many of which he welcomed during the pandemic. Understanding the difficult impact of the pandemic on our most vulnerable clients, Perlman graciously offered to help every single client we referred to him in the South Jersey area. In addition to his legal expertise and savvy, Perlman is known for his patience with Legal Services clients. We often get feedback from clients extending personal thanks to Perlman and his office for their empathy, professionalism and persistence, in addition to extremely valuable expert legal assistance. (Read more)
Sue Vinci (Verizon). Sue Vinci

Sue Vinci, Senior Managing Associate General Counsel at Verizon, successfully expunged the record of an individual who had been charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the administration of law. The incident occurred while the client was grieving publicly after learning of her father’s death. Client pled guilty to an amended charge of disturbing the peace in violation of a municipal code, and the obstruction charge was dismissed. The client was concerned that this matter would be unfairly prejudicial to her search for employment. Ms. Vinci is part of a continuing pro bono project between Verizon and LSNJ assisting individuals in clearing their criminal records. This cooperative project, developed as part of Verizon’s corporate-wide pro bono criminal justice initiative, also involves several other attorneys from Verizon

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