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Pro Bono Practice Rules


On this page, you can learn about court rules governing pro bono practice in New Jersey. Below are direct links to the New Jersey Court rules as well as the New Jersey Court website for additional information.

The pro bono rules were approved by the Supreme Court on September 1, 2014 and became effective on January 1, 2015.

Pro bono rules (from New Jersey Courts):

The New Jersey judiciary has Attorney Pro Bono Information and Materials to further assist attorneys interested in providing pro bono services.

Special note about retired attorneys

Yes, retired attorneys can provide qualifying pro bono service as volunteers with certified pro bono providers. Also, attorneys who have completely retired from the practice of law are exempt from payment of the annual assessment to the Lawyers Fund for Client Protection. [R.1:28-(b)(4)]. In a Notice to the Bar dated March 4, 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that retired attorneys may retain that exemption if the attorney’s only aspect of legal practice is as a volunteer providing qualifying pro bono service as defined by R. 1:21-11(a) for Legal Services of New Jersey and its associated regional programs; for a certified organization under R. 1:21-11(b), or for an organization otherwise approved by the Supreme Court. [Notice to the Bar, March 4, 2014]. Click here for a list of the Legal Services programs and other participating organizations on this site.

Retired attorneys who are interested in providing such assistance must continue to register annually and file with the Lawyers Fund a [Certification of Retirement - Legal Services Volunteer]. At present, there is no corresponding court rule to this exemption status.



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